Rendita Vested Benefits Foundation – Pillar 2


 The Rendita Vested Benefits Foundation guarantees the maintenance of occupational benefits in accordance with the Federal Act on Occupational Retirement, Survivors’ and Disability Pension Plans (BVG) and the Federal Law on Vesting in Pension Plans.
If you have to park pension fund assets for either the long term or temporarily, e.g. because you leave your current pension fund due to a work interruption, or because you are unable to transfer all of your pension fund assets to your new pension fund, the Rendita vested benefits account offers a secure and profitable solution. You can choose how to park your pension assets with the Rendita Vested Benefits Foundation:

Vested benefits account

You benefit from a preferential interest rate and are flexible within the framework of the statutory provisions when it comes to using or investing the pension capital. Vested benefits that you cannot or can only partially invest in the new pension fund can be invested in the Rendita vested benefits account. This ensures the maintenance of your pension assets and you benefit from a preferential interest rate.

Account opening

We will be happy to open a vested benefits account for you, for example in the following cases:


You end your status as employee and plan to become self-employed in the near future.

Work interruption

You have a gap between 2 jobs and, following the conclusion of your prior employment relationship, you are unable to invest the pension capital immediately, or can only invest it partially, in the new pension fund.


You receive vested benefits capital in a divorce settlement and cannot invest this in a pension fund.

Pillar 2 securities account

The securities account offers you attractive earnings opportunities from a multi-year capital investment. You determine the amount that you would like to invest in the BVG-compliant investment groups.

You can invest your pension capital in different investment groups or funds with varying proportions of equities.
You can find your bank’s range of securities on the homepage under Partner / Offer.
For further information, please contact your financial partner.

Your advantages with a Rendita vested benefits account or custody account:

  • Maintenance of the pension coverage from your pension fund assets
  • Preferential interest
  • Possibility to make an individual investment in securities
  • Capital and earnings are tax-exempt

  • Advance withdrawal possible in accordance with statutory guidelines
  • Capital can be pledged for residential property
  • Tax on disbursement at a reduced tax rate
  • Capital can be repaid into a pension fund at any time
  • No notice period