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Specialist terms / glossary

You wish to transfer your benefits to the new occupational benefits institution

The law states that you must transfer your vested benefits capital to the new occupational benefits institution.
If you change your occupational benefits institution, please complete and sign the form Request for the withdrawal of Vested Benefits and a payment slip of the new occupational benefits institution.

The Rendita Vested Benefits Foundation will sell any investment fund holdings you may have and will transfer your entire credit balance incl. accrued interest to the new occupational benefits institution.

You wish to withdraw the pension capital to purchase residential property

Provided the object in question is to be used by the insured person him/herself as owner-occupied residence, it is permitted to withdraw pension capital to acquire owner-occupied residential property for own use or for the creation/building of owner-occupied residential property for own use or for the amortization of debt on owner-occupied residential property for own use or for the renovation of owner-occupied residential property for own use.
•As a result of the advance withdrawal, the foundation is obligated to have a sale limitation entry made in the land register. This form is forwarded to the responsible land register office and serves as authorization for the entry.

•Deduct federal and cantonal tax at source when making payments to persons whose residence is abroad.

•Notify the Federal Tax Administration when making payments to persons whose residence is in Switzerland.

For advance withdrawal requests, the foundation charges
– a processing fee of CHF 400 for a vested benefits withdrawal,
– a processing fee of CHF 100 for a 3a pension benefits withdrawal.

You wish to have your pension capital paid out in cash

Apart from withdrawal on the due date, for old age (from 59/60) or if disabled (from an IV disability level of 70%), the pension capital can also be withdrawn in cash.

The following reasons for withdrawal for chash payment are applicable:

  • Marginal retirement assets
  • Permanent departure from the economic area of Switzerland and Liechtenstein
  • Commencement of self-employment (withdrawal is possible within one year).
    The Account Holder confirms that he carries out his self-employment as main activity.
You would like further information about saving with securities

Please contact your customer advisor.

You wish to know the current maximum amount for payment into a 3a pension account
  • for persons insured with a pension fund:
    from 1.1.2023 = CHF 7,056
  • for persons not insured with a pension fund:
    *from 1.1.2023 = CHF 35,280
    * but max. 20% of income net
Mandatory occupational benefits insurance

The BVG is a legal framework that defines the minimum requirements for occupational benefits insurance. All employees subject to mandatory occupational benefits insurance must be insured in line with these minimum requirements.

Extra-mandatory occupational benefits insurance

Occupational benefits institutions are free to offer additional benefits over and above the minimum requirements. Such benefits are insured as extra-mandatory occupational benefits.

BVG retirement assets

(Belongs to the statutory assets)
The BVG provides for a minimum level of old age, survivors’ and disability benefits. These depend on the projected retirement capital. The projected retirement capital comprises the capital available at the time of the calculation plus the future retirement credits. The projected retirement capital is converted to a pension using a statutorily defined conversion rate.

Capital at age 50

(Belongs to the statutory assets)
Up to age 50, the advance withdrawal for residential property may not exceed the current level of vested benefits. From age 50, you can withdraw an amount that equals your vested benefits at age 50, or half of your current vested benefits, whichever is greater.

Vested benefits account

If the vested benefits cannot be transferred to a new occupational benefits institution, pension coverage can be maintained through the establishment of a vested benefits account at a vested benefits foundation or a vested benefits policy at an insurance institution.
A vested benefits account is a special contract for the exclusive and irrevocable purpose of pension coverage with a vested benefits foundation in order to maintain Pillar 2 pension coverage. The interest rate associated with a vested benefits account depends on current market conditions and is not guaranteed. Saving with securities is possible within the context of a vested benefits account.

Vested benefits foundation

Foundations that manage the vested benefits of individual employees who can neither leave their vested benefits with their former occupational benefits institution nor transfer them to a new one.

Vested benefits case

A vested benefits case applies if an insured person leaves the occupational benefits institution before an insured event occurs.

Pension information

Explanations regarding Pillars 2 + 3 can be found under Pension information.

Pension fund assets

Generally comprise the combined retirement assets from Pillar 2 (BVG) and the extra-mandatory portion of occupational benefits insurance. Pension fund assets can also be invested in securities. Total pension fund assets are shown on the account statement under balance and/or the securities holdings.