Rendita Vested Benefits Foundation – Pillar 2

The Rendita Vested Benefits Foundation guarantees the maintenance of occupational benefits in accordance with the Federal Act on Occupational Retirement, Survivors’ and Disability Pension Plans (BVG) and the Federal Law on Vesting in Pension Plans.

If you have to park pension fund assets for either the long term or temporarily, e.g. because you leave your current pension fund due to a work interruption, or because you are unable to transfer all of your pension fund assets to your new pension fund, the Rendita vested benefits account offers a secure and profitable solution.

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Rendita Pension Foundation 3a

The pension account of the Rendita Pension Foundation is a tied Pillar 3a pension account on the basis of BVV3. Interest at a preferential rate is credited to the annual deposits in the Pillar 3 account, which is tax-privileged, i.e. the annual deposits can be deducted from income and are exempt from wealth tax and withholding tax.

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