About Rendita

The Rendita Pension Foundations comprise the “Rendita Vested Benefits Foundation” and the “Rendita Pension Foundation 3a.” Both foundations were founded by CREDIT SUISSE FIRST BOSTON at the end of 2002. Both are entered in the commercial register of Zurich canton and are subject to supervision by the Federal Social Insurance Office.


The foundations conduct their business activities uniquely. They offer various partners the possibility of having their own customer base looked after and administered by the Rendita Vested Benefits Foundation or the Rendita Pension Foundation 3a. Thanks to many years of expertise, modern systems, partner-specific interfaces, and close cooperation between Rendita and its partners, both the insured person and the partner can benefit from first-class financial and advisory services at fair market conditions.


The Rendita Pension Foundations commission AXA Life Ltd. with the management and execution of its pension business.

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Administrative Office

The Administrative Office of the Rendita Vested Benefits Foundation and the Rendita Pension Foundation 3a is the Vested Benefit department of AXA Winterthur Insurance.



KPMG Schweiz in Zürich
Supervisory authority
BVS Zürich

Board of Trustees of the Rendita Vested Benefits Foundation and Pension Foundation 3a


Jürgen Scharfetter
AXA Life Ltd.


Bruno von Rotz
Credit Suisse (Switzerland) Ltd.

Members of Board of Trustees

Monika Krebs
AEK BANK 1826 Genossenschaft

Kristian Kanthak
AXA Life Ltd.

Liliane Jutzeler
AXA Life Ltd.

Vincenzo Cristofaro
LLB (Switzerland) Ltd.

Martin Kobler
Credit Suisse (Switzerland) Ltd.

Patrick Ruoss
Credit Suisse (Switzerland) Ltd.

Philipp Merkt
PostFinance AG

Sarah Muriel Sieber
Spar- und Leihkasse Frutigen AG

Adrian Schmid
Independent trustees

Management of Rendita Pension Foundations

Managing Director

Nathalie Gonnet
AXA Life Ltd.

Deputy Managing Director

Daniel Meier
AXA Life Ltd.